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Topics of interest to Seton explored by the author of this site

Woodcraft Helps Reduce Youth Crimes

An article from a British Columbia newspaper, the Gulf Islands Driftwood, September 18, 1991, subtitled, “Sociologist’s report credits nature-based movement,” validates Seton’s original purpose in creating his movement. The first Woodcraft camp took place in March...

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Our deepest feelings about nature

  Periodically I make presentations on various aspects of Seton’s life and work at the Academy for the Love Of learning. The next one, with co-facilitator Molly Sturges, “Learning from Crisis: How Do We Meet This Ecological Emergency Together?” takes place on...

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Classics Illustrated Features Seton

Before the graphic novel, “Classics Illustrated, Featuring Stories by the World’s Greatest Authors,” put pictures to much abbreviated words retelling great stories from Alexandre Dumas and Daniel Defoe to Jack London and Ernest Thompson Seton. Several of these comic...

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Animal Communication

The December 9, 2013 Time cover story – “America’s Pest Problem” – called for the mass extermination of wildlife. Apparently, wild animals are inconveniently in our way. This appallingly unconscious attitude suggests that, as pervasive as Seton’s influence is, that...

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Buffalo Wind and Seton

October 23, 2013, 67th Anniversary of Seton’s Death   In his short mystical essay, The Buffalo Wind (1938), Seton considered his own passing: The swift years have gone – the urge becomes a lash. I am going now – I am going with all my strength. So have I sought a...

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