“In days like these one can accept or assume no higher or better mission than that of peace messenger, a personal messenger of peace and understanding among the nations.” Ernest Thompson Seton, 1936, A Peace Mission to Europe

Almost eighty-six years ago, understanding that the nightmare of war was coming back to Europe, Seton gave a radio address. His European tour took him to Czechoslovakia where his Woodcraft movement was especially popular.

To-day (to use Seton’s spelling of that word), his 1936 speech over Radio Prague comes off as folksy, perhaps politically naïve. It was also from-the-heart, guileless. Such word honesty was out of fashion even when he spoke them.

Truthfulness however, no matter how much it is sneered at by the sophisticated, has its place. (It got Seton in trouble more than once.) This link will take you excerpts from Seton’s address.

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