Before the land ethic or environmentalism there was one man with a vision…

Before the land ethic or environmentalism there
was one man with a

The Academy for the Love of Learning’s Seton Legacy Project

Focused on exploring the life work and philosophy of conservationist, Ernest Thompson Seton, through research, art exhibitions, publications, and film.

At the turn of the 20th century, Seton, America’s great pioneering artist-naturalist changed our consciousness about nature. He foresaw future environmental catastrophe and sought to alter that outcome by co-founding the wildlife conservation and Scouting movements.

We need his wisdom now more than ever.

Join us in examining Seton’s art and writing on outdoor and environmental philosophy (Lifecraft), the Arctic, wildlife stories, wolves, and much more.

Featured Articles


Discover Seton's famed Lobo Story and wolf hunting in New Mexico.


Discover some of Ernest Thompson Seton's most popular animal stories with links to full versions at Gutenberg Press.


Learn about Seton's Lifecraft Philosophy in this introductory article.


The Seton Legacy Project hosts events throughout the year and is located on the campus of The Academy for the Love of Learning in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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