One advantage to being a long dead author is that your books enter the public domain and can come back to life in printed or digital form. Project Gutenberg has made digital copies of seventeen Seton books available in a variety of digital formats. The three most popular on Project Gutenberg are Wild Animals I Have Known (1898), Two Little Savages (1903), and Rolf in the Woods (1911). I find this interesting because these were three of the most popular when they originally came into print over a century ago.

There are a couple of lesser-known Seton titles on this list. Seton’s Sign Talk is an interpretation of American Indian sign language used by tribes of the Great Plains. He learned this well enough to converse with elderly tribal members. The lovely Bird Portraits inspired one of my Seton Gallery shows at the Academy for the Love of Learning. It features many of his best avian illustrations with wonderful text by ornithologist Ralph Hoffmann. They included only twenty species—I wish there had been five times as many.

Other downloadable titles: Animal Heroes, Woodland Tales, Monarch, The Biography of a Grizzly, Wild Animals at Home, The Arctic Prairies, The Preacher of Cedar Mountain, Bannertail, and The Trail of the Sandhill Stag.

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