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Topics of interest to Seton explored by the author of this site

Lobo lecture in Albuquerque

Intertwined: The Mexican Wolf, the People and the Land Transformation of a Wolf Killer into a Wolf Protector: Wolves, Conservation and Ernest Thompson Seton by David L. Witt Saturday, March 23, 1 p.m. In January 1894 a little-known Canadian bounty hunter came to the...

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da Vinci and Seton finally meet

        Walter Isaacson’s masterful biography, Leonardo da Vinci, takes readers on a journey into the life of one of the most creative minds in history. Civilization has produced only a few such geniuses. As the original “Renaissance Man,” Leonardo...

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Lobo Graphic Novel Premiers

The passage of time brings change to the details of life. But overarching themes may change very little. One-hundred and twenty-four years ago Ernest Thompson Seton attended the last hours in the life of a wolf. Referred to in his journal as specimen #677, the wolf...

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The Iliad of Lobo and Seton

Seton wrote Lobo story in slightly fictionalized form. At its conclusion we know the fate of Lobo and Blanca, but not that of Seton. His attitudes about hunting and trapping unfolded through lectures and additional books in the early 20th century. The meaning of the...

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Ernest Thompson Seton Legacy Project

The essays to be presented on this site are about the life and legacy of the writer, artist, educator, and naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton. Sponsored by the Academy for the Love of Learning, the Seton Legacy Project came about due to a fortuitous meeting between...

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Interpretive Panels at Seton Castle

Well, perhaps the crowds are still to come. Seton Castle (1932-2005) still stands in altered form (post-fire), but until now without much explanation for visitors new to the property. When you stop by, you will find a great orientation to the stabilized remains. The...

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Was Seton a Conservative or Liberal?

Ernest Thompson Seton didn’t leave a published record of his political beliefs, although there are clues. He greatly admired Theodore Roosevelt (more than Roosevelt admired him as it turned out) but Seton was not a U.S. citizen during the period of TR’s political...

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