I hope that greenwichtime.com won’t mind too much if I give them a bit of promotion. Photographer and staff writer Andy Blye (Hearst Connecticut Media and greenwichtime.com) has updated us on Pomerance Park in an article picked up by Google Alerts. This was one of Seton’s Cos Cob properties in the early 1900s. Like Seton Castle outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Wyndygoul is now a scenic ruin.

Importantly, the property serves as a community park and wildlife sanctuary of exactly the type that Seton had in mind. Everyplace needs its sanctuaries and this is an excellent example. Also, as a matter of continuing legacy, Seton’s granddaughter Julie is a supporter of the project. 

More than a century after he sold the property, the Seton Legacy continues to provide significant benefits. 


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