Joseph Morgan Prandoni, Wolf, Giclée print from original drawing/2018

“More Beautiful and Amazing” Seton Gallery exhibition 2019-2020

About Joseph Prandoni

Joseph’s drawings stand out for their exacting detail and his remarkable eye for perspective. The original wolf drawing is only 2.5 x 3 inches in size, yet when enlarged, the individual strokes of the wolf’s fur and features reveal a steady hand and super-sharp vision. The drawing stirs in me the solitude and mourning that Seton’s Lobo felt after losing his mate. In 2018, I had asked my son if he would be interested in contributing to the Lobo exhibition that featured Seton’s famous tale, each event in the story depicted by a different artist and what, taken together, culminated in a graphic novel. He declined, regretting that he really didn’t have much experience drawing animals. Then he texted me a photo of his sketch of the wolf. It was the following spring, after tragically losing Joseph in a bicycle accident in LA, that David invited me to submit one of his drawings for the More Beautiful and Amazing show. And the wolf came to mind.

Marita Prandoni

Ernest Thompson Seton on Shyness of the Wolf

The Gray-wolf is one of the shyest of wild animals. I have talked with men who have lived their whole lives in regions where Gray-wolves were far from rare, and yet they have never seen one. They hear them at night, they see their trails and their work in the morning, but never see the animals themselves until they have been trapped or poisoned. Their extreme shyness is partly a modern development, as also is the respect for man, which now fully possesses every Gray-wolf in the Cattle country. (Lives of Game Animals, Vol. 1, pg. 300, 1925)

(Wolf, Marita and Peter Prandoni, used by permission)

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