Chickadees and nuthatches, Watercolor and graphite/2019

“More Beautiful and Amazing” Seton Gallery exhibition 2019-2020

I discovered Emma Felt’s work just too late to include her in our 2018 Lobo show, but I did ask her to show in this one. The quote below is from Emma’s website. Her mixed media work was a particularly good fit for one of Seton’s early stories. (There is a slight reflection showing from the glass covering the art work—I took the picture as is on the wall of the Seton Gallery where it is on view during the 2019-2020 exhibition.)

Emma Felt Statement

I try to capture the wonder and whimsy of the natural world in my artwork. The unknown can be surprising and just as spectacular as the organic forms we can see. New juxtapositions make what’s different between elements more apparent but also allow for the contemplation of what makes them the same. I use traditional technical botanical skills and techniques to root my subjects to some reality, to let what is different about the work stand out.

Ernest Thompson Seton Statement About Chickadees

Mother Carey sent them all a warning that they must move to the south, for hard frost and snow were coming…the Nuthatches were in such a state of bustle that at length the Chickadees did catch a little of the excitement, and left off play for a while to question their friends; and they were not pleased with what they learned, for it seemed that all of them were to make a journey that would last many days. (“Our Animal Friends,” 1893)

(Chickadees an nuthatches copyright, Emma Felt. Used by permission.)

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