“More Beautiful and Amazing” Seton Gallery exhibition 2019-2020

Angie, who is one of the premier printmakers of Taos, has been hiking the trails of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado (and probably elsewhere) for decades. Occasionally I see her walking the Devisadero trail just east of Taos.

I photographed her 2018 woodblock print on the gallery wall which accounts for aberrant reflections. You can see her work (minus the reflections) at her Kit Carson Road studio, a half block off Taos Plaza.

Angie Coleman Statement About Aspen and Quartz Ridge

The print is of the Quartz Lake trail which takes you from the west of the South San Juans into heart of that range. It is particularly beautiful in the fall when the aspen are changing color.

Ernest Thompson Seton Statement About Aspen

The name “quaking” was given because it is for ever shaking its leaves; the slightest wind sets them all rustling. Why? No doubt, because it lives in places where the hot dust falls thick on the leaves at times, and if it did not have some trick of shaking it off, the leaf would be choked and best so that the tree could scarcely breathe; for the leaves are the lungs of the trees. (Woodland Tales pg. 107, 1903)

(“Aspen and Quartz Ridge” copyright, Angie Coleman. Used by permission.)

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