(I envisioned Endangered as an exhibition about our disconnection from nature and the inevitable tragic outcome, a continuation of Seton’s warnings. The invited artists created a variety of responses. Intended for the walls of the Seton Gallery, the show is presented in a series of blog postings. Images and text copyright belong to the individual artists. dlw)

Text by Karen Ahlgren:

The ‘The Butterfly Effect’ is a concept that considers the flapping of wings of a single butterfly can have a far-reaching ripple effect—the butterfly’s wings being the catalyst for a larger event. When I first read these words, it immediately brought to mind the melting of the polar ice caps and the resulting loss of habitat for our Polar Bear friends…which also brought to mind the news of a very possible colony collapse of the monarch butterfly…the results of humanity’s reluctance to make planet/wildlife-saving choices—whether it be switching to energy-saving LED light bulbs, not buying bottled water, or reducing meat consumption.

The ‘Butterfly Effect’ can also be applied to every single moment—by being aware of the potential consequences of our deeds; whether it be an act of kindness or taking action to appreciate and defend the beauty in our everyday world. This painting is mounted on silk mat with a linocut border of 5 butterflies; five representing balance, health and love—the butterflies representing the transformation of mass consciousness.

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