Periodically I make presentations on various aspects of Seton’s life and work at the Academy for the Love Of learning. The next one, with co-facilitator Molly Sturges, “Learning from Crisis: How Do We Meet This Ecological Emergency Together?” takes place on Wednesday May 14. Then, on September 23, I will offer an evening campfire reading at Seton Castle, “Why the Chickadee Goes Crazy Once a Year and other stories.” To keep up with Academy programs, visit our web site.

Here I will go back to April 12th. New Mexico members of Defenders of Wildlife came by the Seton Gallery to hear a talk about him as environmentalist, including his popularization of wildlife conservation, his role in early environmental legislation, and his work to change (and grow) our consciousness about the feeling world of animals. While I did bring up those subjects, we spent most of our time in deeper contemplation about wild nature and its meaning for us. What we find upon reflection of our feelings is that nature is both the source of much joy and much grief, for its bringing us solace and joy at its beauty, and despair at its destruction.

For an account of that morning, please go to the wonderful blog by one of the participants, Ellen Heath. The essay titles are: “Blanca and Lobo” (April 18) and “For the Love of Lobo” (April 16).

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