Featured image #14 by Matthew Chase-Daniel. Click images to enlarge. (All image rights to artwork reserved by the artists.)

LOBO THE KING OF CURRUMPAW, a graphic novel illustrated by contemporary artists is based on the Ernest Thompson Seton story.

Part 2: Seton begins his battle against the wolves but is defeated by them at every turn as their killing spree continues. (The other two parts of the story are shown in the accompanying blogs.)

#15 Susan Case

#16 Hannah R. Kligman

#17 Amy D. Flowers

#18 Jello Billyo

#19 Leland Chapin

#20 Jerry West

#21 Katherine M. Ham

#22 Suzanne Vilmain

#23 Sabra Moore

#24 Abby Mattison

(To be continued.)

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